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What makes a successful email marketing campaign?

eTargetMedia Reviews What Makes a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

If you’ve ever been bombarded with unwanted emails attempting to solicit your business, you are more than familiar with what successful email marketing doesn’t look like. However, a good email marketing campaign can cut through the noise of a crowded inbox and attract positive attention. Here are the qualities that you must integrate into any solid email marketing strategy.

Customization and Visual Interest

Speak directly to your readers in a familiar and conversational way. If your goal is marketing outreach, do not begin your communication with a formal or impersonal greeting. Make sure your email messages use the recipients’ names naturally, without having been obviously cut and pasted.

Make your messages succinct, memorable, and appropriate to the receiver. Reference recent transactions and interactions with the brand – this helps to give the emails relevance.

It’s a good idea to incorporate appropriate graphics into emails, but not to a degree that makes the email inaccessible. Remember: many email clients (Gmail, Yahoo) do not allow embedded images to be accessed immediately after being opened (the recipient has to specifically click “show images”), so your message and its intent should be clear prior to any images being unblocked.

Device Flexibility

Responsive web design is a crucial component in effective email marketing outreach. Your emails have to be readable from a variety of devices – smartphone, tablet, and desktop. Ensure your mobile users in particular are able to access your emails easily, and that the content can be comfortably read on a small screen. It is estimated that 67 percent of all emails are opened and read on a mobile device.

Engaging and Clear Call-to-Action

The purpose of your email communication must be obvious, and the reader must be able to respond to your call to action easily. Don’t obscure your call-to-action within a wall of text; make it evident and graphically attractive.

Your email marketing campaign strategy will be defined by other factors, including but not limited to your industry and your brand. Nevertheless, while your approach will be specific to your business, keep the above factors in mind when cultivating your email campaign. In the end, you are the best judge of what your brand messaging should be. If you’ve designed a marketing email that you would open and respond positively to yourself, then you’re on the right track.

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