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The Future of Email Marketing in 2019

eTargetMedia Reviews the Future of Email Marketing in 2019

2018 is almost over – what will the world of email marketing look like in 2019?

While many of the strategies for a successful email marketing campaign are going to remain constant next year, we are most likely going to see new trends in email marketing solutions evolve as well – likely because the complexity of email marketing technology is evolving at a rapid rate. Here are a few email marketing solutions we can expect to see in 2019.

Focusing on the Customer Lifecycle.

Integration of the customer lifecycle details into email marketing will be more common in the coming year. Email communications will be very specific when it comes to customer behaviors. For example, if a customer has visited a particular page on a website, the email will encourage that user to return to the page to complete the purchase. If a customer has placed an item in their shopping cart or on a saved items list, the email will alert the customer if the item is in short supply or if the pricing has changed. If a customer has purchased an item that may need to be replenished, the email will send a reminder, etc.

Trigger Emails

Trigger emails are emails that become activated when a customer or a prospect engages in a particular activity. Trigger emails are typically sent immediately after a customer purchases a product – that customer is sent an invoice and a shipment date. However, trigger emails are going to become more specific and add value to the whole customer experience. If a customer purchases a product that has multiple uses, for example, a trigger email may be launched to help the customer understand how to make the most of their new item.

Targeted Content Marketing

While content marketing and email outreach work together, we are likely going to see increasingly personalized content marketing in the coming year. So, rather than standard notifications of new blog posts, the emails will alert the recipient to new content that specifically relates to their previous interests and behaviors. If your customer recently purchased cookware, for example, you can send an email highlighting any blogposts or content you have relating to cooking techniques using products relevant to your customer.

While there are always going to be new techniques and innovations in digital marketing, it is more important to determine which will help you reach your specific objectives. The team at eTargetMedia reviews every current email marketing trend to help clients know exactly how to successfully integrate the latest protocols into their marketing solutions. eTargetMedia is dedicated to delivering comprehensive marketing solutions, custom-designed for your budget, brand, and goals. To schedule a consultation with an eTargetMedia email marketing specialist, please visit our contact page.