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Customizing emails for a better marketing campaign

Customizing emails for a better marketing campaign

The stats are in, and they show that 8 out of 10 businesses in the U.S. have raked in the advantages brought in by email marketing. In fact, according to eTargetMedia, email marketing continues to outperform social media.

A huge part of this is due to customization abilities of email marketing. The ability to personalize an advertisement is a powerful tool. In fact, studies on email marketing have shown that personalized emails have improved open rates by almost 30% and have increased email click rates by more than 40%.

However, customization of emails goes deeper than improving open and click-through rates, eTargetMedia notes. Personalized email campaigns can open doors to more marketing strategies that include boosting conversions, furthering email segmentation groups and deeper analytics.

Furthermore, customizing emails allows a business to target potential customers on a granular level, which can be quite effective. eTargetMedia notes this as one of the most effective advantages of personalized emails. It can also help businesses and marketers identify and focus on their target market.

eTargetMedia uses a targeted email approach to determine qualified prospects for their clients. The company exceeds customers’ email marketing goals with its superior data and expertise. More information on eTargetMedia’s services via the company’s official website.